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I presume that if you're looking at this site, you already know me.  If not, see my introduction.  The main purpose of this website is to have a place to post pictures so you all can see them.  Also, below you'll find links to some professional information.  Have fun checking out what I've been up to lately!


   Ecuador! (Posted 11/02/06)

   Eiseman Hut Trip 2006 (Posted 03/10/06)

   Fowler Hut Trip 2006 (Posted 02/06/06)

   Summer 2005 (Posted 02/06/06)

   Berlin!! (Posted 05/05/05)

  Colorado!! (Last update 04/12/05)
   Triathlon Season 2004 (Last update 08/16/04)

   Outdoor Adventures in 2004 (Last update 06/30/04)

  California (June 2004)   

   New Zealand (April 2004)

   Random Friends and Family Pictures (Last update 02/24/04)

   Ski Season 2003-2004 (Last update 05/26/04)

   2003 Outdoor Fun in the Pacific Northwest (Last update 09/16/03)

   2003 Danskin Triathlon (August, 2003)

   Hawaii (March, 2003)


   List of Publications

   Master's Thesis