Here's some pictures from Colorado.  I'm sure I'll be putting more up soon.  I went to the Denver Monster Bash for Halloween with Stephanie, who was out here visiting.  As I predicted, it snowed on Halloween, like it always does.  The snowy pics were taken on the morning of Nov. 1.

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Janet's Hut January 21-23 2005

I skiied into Janet's hut with Sean, my mom, and a bunch of other folks.  Janet's is a really great hut, up by tree line, with great tele skiing above the hut.  Plus, there's a wood-burning sauna!  Here's a few pictures..

Sean skinnin' up
They're looking for us!
Janet's Cabin

Jeff, Cathy, and Mom
Trackin' it up above the cabin
Ruth's tele turns!
Mom's tele turns!

Sean's tele turns!
Sean skinning up
 Me skinning up
Skiing out of the hut

Wolf Creek February 12-13 2005

In February, I went on a ski trip to Wolf Creek, where James scored us a sweet cabin.  I had a blast, hanging out with Sean and a bunch of other awesome folks.  James posted a bunch of pictures here.  Here's some other pictures:

Sean Skiing WC
Sean Skiing WC 2
WC Backcountry
More Beer
Sean skiing backcountry
Sean once again
More WC backcountry
More Beer!

Wolf Creek April 2-3 2005

We went back to Wolf Creek again.  Had to get in in before the texan develops a huge village there...

Sean Hucking
Camo Man
The Group
Hiking the knife-edge

Andrew at Horsehoe Bowl
The boys at Horsehoe Bowl
Sean at Horseshoe Bowl
Me at Horseshoe Bowl
Sean and I at Horsehoe

A. Basin Beach Party April 9 2005

It's spring!  What does that mean?  Beach party at A. Basin!  This involves hanging out on the "Beach" at A. Basin, drinking beer, eating BBQ, and maybe getting some turns in.  Check it out:  (some pics were taken by others!)

Carlos chillin' on the beach
Nice outfits...
The keg-man begins
Keg man!
View from the beach

Jason discovers how to look cool on the beach
oh yeah....
Practicin' turns on the Molly Hogan
Matt's first tele turns
Skiin' in a dress

Sledding madness!
More sledding maddness!
Even more sledding maddness!

Other random skiing pictures

18 inches of snow while camping on Berthoud Pass!
Sean and I backcountry skiing near Eldora Village