Danskin Triathlon 2003                                     

On August 17 2003, Michal and I competed in the Danskin Triathlon.  This year was my second triathlon and was Michal's first.  We had a great time and were both very happy with our performance.  I did better than last year, and Michal did better than me!  Below are some pictures and links to my results and professional pictures.  

Here's some general pictures from the triathlon

Transition Area.jpg (55047 bytes) Transition Area 2.jpg (75025 bytes) Swim Finish.jpg (46726 bytes) Swim Start.jpg (47896 bytes)
Transition Area Transition Area Swim Finish Swim Start

Here's some pictures of Michal and I:

We Are So Tough.jpg (71103 bytes) So Cute Before.jpg (26079 bytes) Finished.jpg (62435 bytes) Tired After 2.jpg (75646 bytes) Tired After.jpg (84419 bytes) Tough Girl Michal.jpg (68734 bytes)
We are so tough! Ah, so cute. We finished! So tired... So tired... Tough girl, Michal!

2003 Danskin Results

2002 Danskin Results

2003 Professional Pictures

2002 Professional Pictures