My big trip for 2006 was to Ecuador!  I used my way-too-short two weeks of vacation, and headed South.  Ecuador is a really fantastic place to travel, especially when short on time.  There are a huge number of things to do in a country approximately the size of Colorado.  We started off our trip with 5 days in the Galapagos, about 600 miles off the coast.  It was amazing.  We saw an incredible amount of wildlife, and got to do some spectacular diving.   

After heading back to mainland Ecuador, we used the capitol city of Quito as our home base, and traveled around to Otavalo, did some hiking and biking on Cotapaxi, and went to the Jungle.  Our friend Ryan joined us for the jungle trip, then Sean and Ryan stayed for an extra week of climbing after I headed back to work.

I highly recommend travel to Ecuador.  The Ecuadorian people are incredibly kind and welcoming.  Travel is easy, both by bus and airplane.  As you can see from my pictures, it is a very beautiful place.  I hope to write up more details of the trip and add them to this page, but for now, here are the pictures!

Pictures in chronological order: 

Galapagos - Santa Cruz Island

Galapagos - North Seymore Island

Galapagos - Diving!

Galapagos - Bartholome