Hawaii 2003       

This spring, my grandmother (Mamo) took my mom, Don and I to Kauai.  We had a great time, as you can see by the pictures!                            

The_Three_Girls.jpg (49990 bytes) Sunset.jpg (52276 bytes) Mamo.jpg (106102 bytes) Mamo_Relaxing.jpg (66112 bytes) Mom_and_Don_Looking_Over_Cliff.jpg (38636 bytes) View_Over_Cliff.jpg (48529 bytes)
The Three Girls Sunset Mamo Mamo Relaxing Mom and Don Looking over Cliff
Chicken_and_Chicks.jpg (95157 bytes) Sand_Formation.jpg (65460 bytes) Key_Beach.jpg (64123 bytes) Mom_and_Don_on_Key_Beach.jpg (47568 bytes) Mom.jpg (94340 bytes) Waterfall.jpg (100567 bytes)
Chicken and Chicks Sand Formation Key Beach Mom and Don on Key Beach Mom Near Waterfall Waterfall
Bamboo.jpg (159187 bytes) Crazy_Tree.jpg (132741 bytes) Hidden_Mommy.jpg (91200 bytes) Watch_Out.jpg (96094 bytes) Mom_Don_and_Mamo.jpg (29784 bytes) Windblown_Mom_and_Mamo.jpg (42429 bytes)
Bamboo Crazy Tree Hidden Mommy Watch Out! Mom, Don, and Mamo Windblown Girls
Hiking_Together.jpg (80736 bytes) Hiking_Together_2.jpg (61477 bytes) Rock_Formation.jpg (61465 bytes) Rock_Formation_2.jpg (51501 bytes)
Hiking Hiking Some More Rock Formation Another Rock Formation