OK, here it is.  I've now had this website for quite awhile, and never got around to writing this, so here it goes.  We'll get through the boring stuff first...  It's in interview format, with myself as the interviewer.  I like to talk to myself, so this isn't too strange.

What's your favorite color? Red.

Where do you live?  Boulder, CO.

Where were you born?  Boulder, CO

Wait a second, have you lived in Boulder forever?  No!  I moved away after high school, first to Davis, California, then to Seattle, Washington.

What were you doing in those places?  I went to college in Davis and grad. school in Seattle.

You spent a long time in school... What did you study?  Chemical Engineering.

So what do you do for work now?  I work at a company called Dentsply Friadent Ceramed.  Yes, that is the real name of the company.  I'm a product development engineer, which pretty much means that I get to design new products.  We make bone grafting products for dental applications.  In grad. school, I worked in a biomaterials research lab, so my current job has a lot to do with what I studied in grad. school.  My job is really cool, because I get to do a lot of different things, I get to be creative, and I work with great people.

When did you move back to Boulder?  Oct. 2004.

Is it weird living back where you grew up?  Yep.  It's mostly strange because I've never lived in Boulder as an adult before.  A lot of what I remember doing as a kid around town doesn't really apply to my life now.  Plus, it's strange living somewhere where everything is very familiar, yet foreign at the same time.  Though I miss living in Seattle, there's a lot of great things about living here.  It's really nice living near my parents again, and I still have a few old friends around, plus, I've made some awesome new friends.  And Boulder is an absolutely fabulous place to live.  It's ALWAYS sunny here!! 

What do you miss about Seattle?  My friends!  I really liked living in Seattle.  It's a great city to live in, even considering the weather.  There's lots of water - I'll definitely miss swimming in the lake this summer.  I have many many good friends there who I miss very much.  I think Seattle misses me too, because there hasn't been any snow in the mountains there this year.  All the ski areas are closed!  Good thing I'm in Colorado!

What's it like being in the "real world"?  I was referred to as a "professional" the other day by a bunch of grad students.  That hurt.  I mean, I know it's technically true and all, but I'm really not much of an adult, I swear.  Overall, this whole job thing has been treating me pretty well.  I like the fact that the hours are regular, though getting up early every morning is a little tough.  I miss being in a University environment a bit.  I liked the freedom to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it, and I liked always being around 20,000 people my age.  Now I get all excited whenever I have to go to the U for work... 

What are you passionate about outside of work?  I think the thing I'm  most passionate about are my relationship with the people I'm close to.  I've been extraordinarily fortunate in having a truly incredible family and a fabulous group of friends.  Spending time with them is one of my favorite things to do.  I also get really excited about doing athletic things outdoors.  I'm really into tele skiing, hiking, backpacking, biking, running, and swimming.  Now that I'm back in Boulder, I hope to get back into climbing as well.  I find that when I'm deciding where to travel, I'm often drawn to places with mountains.  I guess that's what happens when you grow up in Boulder!

Can't you think of any more questions to ask yourself?  Not right now... since it took me over a year to write this, you're lucky to see it here at all...  If you can think of other questions, send me an e-mail, and maybe I'll post the answers here!