Outdoor Fun in the Pacific Northwest

Here's some pictures of my friends and I having lots of fun outdoors!  Note that I didn't take all of these pictures.  Some of them were taken by Rob, Seth, and Michal.

Troublesome Creek Campground, Lake Serene/Bridal Veil Falls Hike, September 12-13, 2003:

Rob, Brian, Erin, and I went camping at the Troublesome Creek campground near Index, and then we met up with Michal and Chen-Je to hike the Lake Serene/Bridal Veil Falls trail again.  We decided that we wanted to do the hike again in nice weather.  (See below for pictures of the hike when it's not so nice...)  Both the campground and the hike were awesome, particularly for being so close to Seattle.

Campground.jpg (131107 bytes)
Campground Erin and I by Troublesome Creek Lower Bridal Veil Falls Lake Serene
Partial Group Shot Rob and Michal Entire Group Shot Bridal Veil Falls


Steamboat Rock State Park, September 5-6, 2003:

Michal, Rob, Brian and I went camping at the Steamboat Rock State Park in Eastern Washington.  Our campsite turned out to be more like suburbia than a rustic campground.  It had mowed lawns, showers, and coke machines.  Luckily, we were able to go for a pretty cool hike in Northrop Canyon while we were there.  Here's some pictures from the hike:

BMR.jpg (123580 bytes) Katie.jpg (151520 bytes) Crazy_Rocks.jpg (82302 bytes) Walking_across_field.jpg (115387 bytes) Old_buildings.jpg (122195 bytes)
The Group Me on trail Cool rock formation Walking across field Old buildings
Building_and_sky.jpg (21372 bytes) Brian.jpg (140157 bytes) Michal_and_Rob.jpg (79431 bytes) Burned_Stump.jpg (68444 bytes) Lake.jpg (41156 bytes)
Nice shot by Michal Brian Michal and Rob Burned stump Lake


Gifford Pinchot National Forest August 22-24, 2003:

Michal, Seth, Rob and I headed towards the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for some camping and stayed at the Trout Lake campground.  The campground was a really nice one.  Not very crowded and near some really great hiking.  On the first day, we hiked to Middle and Lower Falls on the Lewis River.  Then, on the second day, we hiked up to Council Bluff where we got views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount St Helens and Mount Rainier!  There were so many great pictures from this trip that I put most of them on another page.  Here's the basics:

RobMichalKatieSeth.jpg (130627 bytes) TheCampSite.jpg (159894 bytes) ICanFly.jpg (126345 bytes) Adams_with_Lake.jpg (25250 bytes) Seth_by_Creek_2.jpg (139250 bytes)
The Group The Campsite The Fun The Mountains The Views

More Pictures...


Baker Lake August 2003:

Rob and I decided to head to the North Cascades for some camping and ended up at the Boulder Creek campground near Baker Lake.  It was fabulous, except for the mosquitoes.  I had more than 50 bites by the end of the weekend!

Trees.jpg (34973 bytes) Me.jpg (18650 bytes) Rob_by_fire.jpg (21011 bytes) Mt_Baker.jpg (59470 bytes) Baker_Lake.jpg (56673 bytes)
Look up at trees! Me at campground Rob by fire Mount Baker Baker Lake
Prickly.jpg (72391 bytes) Me_and_Rob.jpg (87629 bytes) Rob.jpg (84219 bytes) Me_on_trail.jpg (89557 bytes)
Prickly plant Me and Rob by river Rob Me on trail


Bridal Veil Falls/Lake Serene Hike May 17, 2003:

A spring hike that felt more like a winter hike...

Group_on_trail.jpg (94087 bytes) Soggy_clearing.jpg (89219 bytes) Snowy_downpour.jpg (90367 bytes) Brian_at_falls.jpg (54263 bytes) Waterfall.jpg (73180 bytes)
Group on trail Soggy clearing Snowy Downpour Brian by falls Falls


Whistler Winter 2002/2003:

This was our first Whistler trip after Rob got his digital camera all of these pictures were taken by him.  Makes me want to ski RIGHT NOW!

lift_line.jpg (64590 bytes) Me_and_cheri.jpg (76987 bytes) More_couloir_extreme.jpg (51360 bytes) Me_skiing_couloir_extreme.jpg (53437 bytes) View_from_couloir_extreme.jpg (49869 bytes)
Lift line fun More lift line fun Me skiing couloir extreme More couloir extreme View from couloir extreme
Tele_Katie.jpg (84847 bytes) Rob_on_blackcomb_glacier.jpg (65977 bytes) TeleKatie.jpg (97896 bytes) View_from_blackcomb_glacier.jpg (57797 bytes) Blackcomb_glacier.jpg (62792 bytes)
Tele Katie Rob on Blackcomb glacier Me on Blackcomb glacier Blackcomb glacier Blackcomb glacier