Gifford Pinchot Camping Trip

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Car Ride Campsite Woah! Rob on log Me

The Group


 Rob_by_Creek.jpg (125769 bytes) Michal_and_Seth_by_Creek.jpg (113374 bytes) Michal_by_Creek.jpg (116898 bytes) Michal_by_Middle_Falls.jpg (121276 bytes) Seth_on_Middle_Falls.jpg (147196 bytes)
Rob Seth and Michal Michal Michal by middle falls Seth on middle falls Michal by creek


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Rob can fly! So cold! Still cold! Rob's calendar photo #1 Don't jump! Spiral Tree



Seth_by_Creek_2.jpg (139250 bytes) Michal_laying_on_rock.jpg (110412 bytes) Michal_Dancing_with_Log.jpg (138664 bytes) Rob_and_Michal_by_falls.jpg (93953 bytes) Rob_by_Lower_Falls.jpg (140116 bytes) Katie_by_Lower_Falls.jpg (118624 bytes)
Seth looking at creek Cute Michal Michal dancing with log Climbing down to lower falls Rob by lower falls Me by lower falls



Michal_on_log_2.jpg (144729 bytes) Michal_on_log_4.jpg (114962 bytes) Sexy_Rob.jpg (119661 bytes) KatieJumping.jpg (120063 bytes) RobCanonballS.jpg (102232 bytes) Higher_Jump.jpg (165122 bytes)
Michal on log Michal on log again Rob's calendar photo #2 Me jumping! Rob's cannonball An even higher jump!


KatieAndSeth.jpg (155772 bytes) Group_with_Lake.jpg (147842 bytes) Michal_on_Trail.jpg (168636 bytes) St_Helens.jpg (111451 bytes) Hood.jpg (51066 bytes)
Seth and I in forest Group by Adams and lake Mount Adams and lake


Michal on trail Mount St. Helens Mount Hood
Top_of_the_world_photo.jpg (77587 bytes) Katie_with_Adams.jpg (62227 bytes) Katie_and_Michal_and_Adams.jpg (100390 bytes) Katie_and_Rainier.jpg (30030 bytes) RobAndMtAdams.jpg (75127 bytes) Rob_and_Seth_with_Rainier.jpg (66153 bytes)
Photography on top of the world Me by Mt. Adams Michal and I by Adams Me by Mt. Rainier Rob by Mt. Adams Rob and Seth with Rainier


Seth_and_Michal_with_Adams.jpg (54549 bytes) Yoga_masters.jpg (75167 bytes) KatieMichalSeth.jpg (95788 bytes)
Seth and Michal with Adams Yoga Masters! Top of the world!