Outdoor Adventures in 2004

Here's some pictures of my friends and I having lots of fun outdoors!  Check out last year's pictures here.

Miller Peak Backpacking, June 27-28, 2004:

Zack, Barbara, and I went for a little weekend backpacking trip near Miller peak.  It was beautiful and warm and there were lots of wild flowers in bloom.  The only annoyance was that dirt bikes are allowed on the trail we were on!  

map_time.jpg (193487 bytes) nap_time.jpg (211447 bytes) cool_rock.jpg (58844 bytes) zack.jpg (132839 bytes) barbara.jpg (138933 bytes)
Map time Nap time Nice rock Zack Barbara
butterflies_doin_it.jpg (196592 bytes) flowers.jpg (192312 bytes) miller_peak.jpg (119044 bytes) miller_peak_2.jpg (93669 bytes) view.jpg (99835 bytes)
Butterflies doin' it Flowers Miller peak lunch Miller peak again View

Snowberry Bowl Camping, June 5-6, 2004:

We decided to go east, to escape the rain, and headed to the Lake Chelan area.  We camped at the Snowberry Bowl campground, hiked up Pot Peak, and hung out at the lake.

Molly.jpg (203610 bytes) Iris.jpg (171888 bytes) Elyse_Pot_Peak.jpg (222000 bytes) Group.jpg (212202 bytes)
Molly! Iris! Elyse on pot peak The group (Stephanie, me, Elyse, Seth, Hanora)
Cute_Puppies.jpg (108324 bytes) Elyse_Knitting.jpg (135982 bytes)
Puppies! Elyse practices knitting

Mt. St. Helens, Mother's Day 2004:

Mother's day weekend is the last weekend that there are no restrictions on the number of people that can climb Mt. St. Helens, so in celebration of that and in celebration of mother's day, hords of people go up to climb it, and everyone wears dresses!  Zack and I, along with John, Megan, and Julie (from Portland) headed up to join in the fun.  The boys climbed all the way to the top, and us girls made it up 4400 vertical feet, and then we all telemarked and snowboarded down.  The weather was great, despite a few spurts of rain and snow.  The snow was spring-style mush, but still very fun to ski on.  Here's the pictures:

Z_dons_fishnets.jpg (82188 bytes) group_lunch.jpg (91043 bytes) Julie_Megan.jpg (72442 bytes) dressed_to_ski.jpg (108528 bytes)
Zack dons fishnets Lunch on the mountain Julie and Megan Me dressed to ski
Julie_dress.jpg (56202 bytes) showin_leg.jpg (58144 bytes) end_of_day.jpg (131066 bytes) boys_in_dresses.jpg (57042 bytes)
Julie looking pretty Showing some leg End of the day Boys in dresses!