Ski Season 2003-2004!

As you know, I get pretty excited when ski season comes around.  So far, it's been a great season, with skiing in Washington, Colorado, and BC.  I started it off with a trip to Whistler for opening weekend.  I stayed at the HI hostel there, which is a great hostel. 

Ron_Whistler.jpg (110974 bytes) Me_Whistler.jpg (97749 bytes)
Ron at top of Blackcomb Me at top of Blackcomb

Most of my skiing this season is going to be at Stevens Pass in Washington:

Stevens_1.jpg (23752 bytes) Stevens_2.jpg (80842 bytes) Stevens_3.jpg (92425 bytes) Stevens_4.jpg (27841 bytes) Me_Stevens.jpg (102174 bytes)

Over Christmas break, I went to Colorado where I did some skiing with my parents and friends at Vail:

Sun_Down_Bowl.jpg (102341 bytes) Chairlift.jpg (113556 bytes) Ila_Skiing.jpg (90383 bytes) Dad_Skiing.jpg (105772 bytes) Dad_and_I.jpg (68339 bytes)
Sun Down Bowl Chair 5 Ila Skiing Dad Skiing Dad & I at Two Elk
Mom_and_Don.jpg (89685 bytes) Mom_and_I.jpg (86168 bytes) Mom_Don_and_I.jpg (102295 bytes) Stormy_Mom_and_Don.jpg (80537 bytes)
Mom and Don Mom and I Mom, Don, & I Mom & Don at the top

Also while in Colorado, my mom, Don, and I skied up the trail towards the Eiseman Hut:

Mom_and_Don_on_Trail.jpg (120196 bytes) Trail_to_Eiseman.jpg (32990 bytes) Me_Bakccountry.jpg (90584 bytes)

I spread some tele fever!  This is Zack on his first tele day ever, about to do a double diamond run!

Zack_Tele.jpg (74218 bytes)

Whistler!  We went on our annual trip to Whistler.  Skiing was great, nice snow, nice weather, great company.  Here's the pictures:

Cheri_and_Rob.jpg (77215 bytes) Rob_and_Erin.jpg (79999 bytes) Model_Rob.jpg (57021 bytes) Cheri_and_Mirjam.jpg (74140 bytes) Me_and_Cheri.jpg (87809 bytes)
Cheri and Rob Rob and Erin Rob's Album Cover Cheri and Mirjam Me and Cheri
Foggy_View.jpg (71670 bytes) Nice_View.jpg (49679 bytes) Couloir_Extreme.jpg (78250 bytes) Cheri_Face_Plant.jpg (117424 bytes) Group_Shot.jpg (106201 bytes)
Foggy View Beautiful! Couloir Extreme Face Plant! The Group
Apres_Ski.jpg (21032 bytes) German_Girls.jpg (88738 bytes) Set.jpg (94761 bytes)
Rob Apres Ski Barbara and Mirjam Set

Back to Colorado!!  I finished up ski season with another tip to Colorado.  I got in lots of telemark turns in the moguls, including telemarking Prima Pronto!!

Tele_Mommy.jpg (53620 bytes) Tele_Mommy_2.jpg (56618 bytes) Prima_Pronto.jpg (28696 bytes)
Tele Mommy Tele Mommy 2 Prima Pronto

For summer skiing pictures, go here.